Springer Equipment Rental

  • Rental Period

    Minimum- One Day
    Day- 24 hour period including 8 hours of use
    Week- 7 consecutive days including 40 hours of use
    Month- 4 consecutive weeks (28 days) including 160 hours of use
    Overtime- overtime will be charged a 1/6 of daily rate per hour for up to 3 hours, then an additional day rate will apply
    Reservations- are accepted and encouraged on all rental equipment

  • Towable Items

    Trailered and towable equipment have restrictions regarding the size of the tow vehicle. Thesse restrictions are set by state and federal saftey standards. All vehicles towing our equipment are to be proper size, with permanently mounted trailer hitch. If a trailer is needed to haul a piece of equipment rented from us, we will provide one at discounted rate.

  • Maintenance

    FUEL - You will receive rental equipment with full fuel tanks and must refuel tanks or there will be a charge for all fuel used.
    TIRES - Customer will be responsible for all tire damage that occurs during rental period.
    SERVICE - Customer performs all daily servicing pertaining to oil, water batteries, and tires.
    CLEAN UP - Please return equipment in the same condition as reveived. This will avoid clean up charges.
    DAMAGE - Customer is responsible for damage to equipment. Fees may apply.